International Experts of Metro or LRT

Recruiter: RITES Ltd
Type: Contract - 3 years
Location: Home country with intermittent visits to Mauritius

RITES Ltd wants to hire one International expert having minimum 20 years in the field of Signalling, Telecom and Automatic Fare Collection for the Design, Review and Supervision of Light Rail Transit System in Mauritius.

Expert should have experience in design, execution and system integration during commissioning of Light Rail Transit System.

Expert will be engaged for a period of 3 years during which he will have to visit Mauritius intermittently on a monthly or weekly basis and for balance period he will have to work from his home country. 

Interested Experts should send their CV with copies of credentials/experience certificate before 6 March 2018. 

Detailed terms and conditions will be finalised in consultation with interested experts. Financial offer shall be invited after the terms and conditions are finalised. 

RITES Ltd, a mini Ratna Public Sector Enterprise under the ministry of Railways, Govt of India is a premier multi-disciplinary consultancy organization in the field of Transport Infrastructure and related Technologies.


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