The winners and losers of Russian metros

14 Sep 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup highlighted some sharp contrasts between Russia’s metro networks. ... more

Digital transport and the challenges of urbanisation

19 Jul 2018

Digitalisation was the key topic of the SITCE conference in Singapore, held for the first time as part of the World Cities Summit. ... more

Surveying a new mobility landscape

27 Apr 2018

Data, automation and new models of transport were just some of the talking points at Transport Research Arena 2018. ... more

Automation speeds up metros

07 Feb 2018

The benefits of automated metros are well-known, apart perhaps from the higher speeds that automation brings. ... more

In 2018 we will continue to see the digitisation of passenger credentials for entering and exiting a station, predicts Robert Sprogis, Director of Mobile at Cubic Transportation Systems.

Mobile technology ecosystems to transform travel in 2018

23 Jan 2018

This year will see the more widespread adoption of mobile-first infrastructure by transport operators, predicts Robert Sprogis, Director of Mobile at Cubic Transportation Systems, who says effective implementation will require an integrated strategy leveraging the total mobile ecosystem. ... more

New York’s summer of hell

28 Aug 2017

Welcome to ‘the summer of hell’. As if the well-documented problems at New York’s Penn Station were not enough for the city’s commuters to contend with, Subway passengers are approaching the end of their collective tether as delays and disruption continue to mount on North America’s largest metro network. ... more

Making metros accessible

22 Aug 2017

What are the issues in making metro stations accessible for persons with reduced mobility? ... more

Understanding Rail Wayside Energy Storage Requirements And Relative Costs For High-Power, High-Cyclable Technologies

28 May 2017

SPONSORED CONTENT: Continuing urban growth is driving increased demands on metro rail systems. To meet this demand, rail authorities are increasing the number of vehicles per train, number of trains per hour and operating hours ... more

Keeping up with ticketing technology

03 Mar 2017

As transport ticketing technology moves ahead at a rapid pace, what are the similarities and differences in cities around the world? ... more

KPMG predicts better use of information and more M&A activity in 2017

05 Jan 2017

The changing market means business as usual will not be an option for UK transport and logistics operators in 2017, according to James Stamp, UK Head of Transport at KPMG. The international professional service group predicts that the UK market will be affected by a number of factors this year. ... more