Metro Report International Issue 2 / 2017


Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority explains how TOD is a key pillar of its strategy

City Digest

More lines open in China, new Indian metro policy approved, London's draft transport strategy, M√ľnchen S-Bahn tendering


BRATISLAVA: The city has a long-term goal to add tram-trains to its transport mix

ISTANBUL: With a population growing at breakneck speed, the metro network is expanding just as rapidly

IZMIT: The first tram line is open for business

LONDON: All-night services on parts of the Underground have exceeded ridership forecasts in their first year

PARIS: The transformational Grand Paris Express project is taking shape in and around the French capital

SEOUL: As the metro network expands, steps are being taken to add capacity

TBILISI: The Georgian capital is enjoying a public transport renaissance

Market & Technology

TRAMS and LRVs: The market for trams and light rail vehicles remained buoyant in the 12 months to mid-July

UKRAINE: Trams still play an important part in the transport mix throughout the country

PESA: In a little over 10 years Pesa has become a large player in the Polish tram market, with some export successes too

ACCESSIBILITY: Alon Levy examines some of the issues around making metro networks accessible to persons with reduced mobility

TICKETING: A round-up of the latest transport ticketing developments from around the world

INNOVATIONS: 3D printing, automated speed monitoring, internet of trains

Diary & Contact

Diary & Contact