Feature articles in the December 2013 issue of Metro Report International

15 Dec 2013

Articles in the December 2013 issue of Metro Report International.


Lucky Montana of PRASA stresses the importance of South Africa's fleet renewal programme

News Review

Round-up of world metro, light rail and tram news


A six-line driverless network takes shape in the Saudi capital


Metro and tram plans continue to multiply in cities across the land


Trams and suburban services targeted in transport plan

Interview: Maciej Lignowski

The President of SKM w Trójmiescie sets out upgrade priorities for the suburban line serving Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot


Metro Line 3 gains approval as Line 1 starts test running


The ambitious Phase III will expand the network to double its current size


Andrew Benton reports on the first metro line in a city with notoriously cold winters


A look back at improvements to the suburban network in Merseyrail’s first decade as operator


Karol Zemek delves into the Land Transport Masterplan 2013


Dirk Budach assesses urban rail projects hit by the recent recession


Dr Harry Hondius visits a new tram line on the Ebro and examines its catenary-free technology

San Francisco

The Caltrain commuter line is to be electrified and resignalled

Commuter trains

Murray Hughes reports on several large fleet refreshment programmes


The latest products and services for the urban rail industry


Jay Walder of MTR Corp offers his vision of how operators can take the ‘mass’ out of mass transport


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