Nanning metro opens

29 Jun 2016

CHINA: Revenue services on the Nanning metro started on June 28 with the inauguration of the eastern section of Line 1. Passenger-carrying tests had been underway since January.

Running on a 10·4 km east-west alignment between Nanning East Railway Station and Nanhu, the first phase of the line has 10 stations. When the western section opens between Nanhu and Shibu, Line 1 will be 32·1 km long with 25 stations. Trial operation on the western section is expected to begin in December. CRRC Zhuzhou has supplied a fleet of six-car Type B trainsets, which are stabled in a depot at the eastern end of the line.

Line 2 is due to open next year. The 37·5 km route would serve 26 stations. Line 3 is due to enter service in 2019, serving 23 stations on a 27·9 km alignment. Five more lines are planned to be built by 2030.

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