Rouen orders trams to increase capacity

05 Jan 2010

FRANCE: Alstom Transport announced on January 4 that it had been selected as the preferred bidder to supply Rouen with 27 Citadis 402 trams to replace the current fleet of GEC-Alsthom Tramway Français Standard cars dating from the opening of the light rail network in 1994.

Intended to increase capacity by up to 60%, the new trams will be 42 m long and 2 400 mm wide with space for 300 passengers. Alstom claims the trams will consume 10% less energy than the current vehicles.

The €90m contract will be finalised during January. Production will be undertaken at La Rochelle, with traction motors from Ornans, bogies from Le Creusot and electronics and final assembly at Villeurbanne. Alstom says it has received orders to supply a total of 1382 Citadis trams to 34 cities.

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