Tyne & Wear operations to be tendered

14 Aug 2008

UK: An operating concession for the Tyne & Wear Metro is to be let as part of an agreement under which the government will fund the second phase of a three-stage modernisation programme.

The tendering process is due to commence on September 9, with a concession lasting between seven and nine years to be awarded by April 2010. 'The current in-house management team will have the opportunity to bid for this as well as the private sector', according to Nexus, the Tyne & Wear Passenger Transport Executive.

Phase 1 of the Metro Re-invigoration project was granted conditional approval in January, and Nexus is to submit a full bid later this year for a £50m upgrade package which includes new ticket machines and gating.

Phase 2 will cover refurbishment of the 90 trainsets and the modernisation of signalling and telecoms. The government will provide between £291m and £346m in 2010-19, which Nexus said will be paid 'year by year based on a detailed modernisation and maintenance programme agreed with government'.

As well as funding Phase 2, 'the government has made an equally significant commitment to underwrite the operating costs of Metro up to 2019', said the PTE.

The £281m Phase 3 is planned to begin in 2018, with the replacement of the rolling stock fleet at an estimated cost of £163m.


Metro Re-invigoration Phase 2

Refurbishment of 90 trainsets £15m
Station redevelopments £45m
Signalling and telecoms £26m
Maintenance of 200 structures £28m
Track and OHLE renewals £43·3m
Infrastructure modernisation £36m

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