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The extension includes the second roundabout in the USA to be incorporated into a light rail system.

Mesa extension includes USA’s second light rail roundabout intersection

20 May 2019

USA: Celebrations on May 18 marked the opening of the 3·0 km Gilbert Road extension of the Valley Metro in Mesa, Arizona. This takes the Phoenix area light rail network to 45 km and 38 stops. The extension runs along Main ... more

The Southeast Rail Extension of the Denver light rail network from Lincoln Station to RidgeGate Parkway has opened.

Denver LRT extension to RidgeGate Parkway opens

20 May 2019

USA: The Southeast Rail Extension of the Denver light rail network from Lincoln Station to RidgeGate Parkway was opened with a ceremony on May 17. There were celebrations and free travel the following day, before the start of the ... more

Transdev Group is to operate and maintain the Fairfax Connector bus network.

Transdev wins Fairfax County bus contract

16 May 2019

USA: Virginia’s Fairfax County Department of Transportation has awarded Transdev Group a contract to operate and maintain the Fairfax Connector bus network for five years from July 1, with an option for a further 10 years. The ... more

Anaheim Transportation Network orders battery buses

15 May 2019

USA: California’s Anaheim Transportation Network has awarded BYD a contract to supply 40 battery-electric buses. Half of these will be the BYD K9M design, the others the shorter BYD K7M and articulated K11M. The order is being ... more

Stadler US has officially inaugurated its factory in Salt Lake City.

Stadler inaugurates Salt Lake City factory

14 May 2019

USA: Vehicles being built for Caltrain and TEXRail were used to re-enact the completion of the transcontinental railway at Promontory Summit 150 years before as part of celebrations marking the official inauguration of Stadler US ... more

Uber adds public transport ticketing option

03 May 2019

USA: Rail and bus tickets for travel in Denver can now been bought using the Uber taxi app. The staggered roll-out of the ticketing option which began on May 2 follows the launch in January of Uber Transit journey planning, ... more

G Line services are operated with Hyundai Rotem EMUs.

Denver G Line inaugurated

29 Apr 2019

USA: Denver’s G Line commuter rail service was officially inaugurated on April 26, with two weeks of free travel along the route. The 17·6 km route shares tracks with the B Line from Union Station to Pecos Junction, where ... more