Smart Panda Bus demonstrates ‘intelligent’ technologies

21 Jan 2019

CHINA: DeepBlue Technology unveiled its Smart Panda Bus autonomous vehicle at the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Future Development Summit in Shanghai on January 18.

Smart Panda Bus incorporates Shanghai-based DeepBlue Technology’s autopilot, finger vein recognition, voice interaction and advertising systems, as well as vehicle monitoring, intelligent unmanned retail, abnormal behaviour monitoring and an intelligent emergency systems.

Passengers can swipe their hands through a biometric identification system, while on-board tools monitor and record any suspicious behaviour in real-time and can initiate an emergency response.

DeepBlue Technology said the concept had ‘received enthusiastic support’ from visitors. It intends to offer the bus in Europe this year, and said interest had been expressed by potential customers in Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and Greece

Trials of the company’s autonomous driving technology are to be undertaken in Bangkok this year.

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